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Practice is the hardest part of learning.

Training is the essence of transformation.

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Silver Surfers

Don’t let them get left behind. Encourage participation, inclusion, knowledge and all of your valued team can keep up with the pace.

“Tech is designed to aide our core roles. It should be inclusive and not restrictive or it could hinder and not support”.

Tech for Silver Surfers

Support wherever and whenever needed. Be it for hardware, software or general use of Computers, Tablets, Phones,  Internet, Office products, Social Networking, Video, Photo etc All use of tech can be tailored to your requirements.


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This package is left open. Tell us what you want and we will tailor it to your needs.

We simply feel that quality valued employees or volunteers who are very good at their role shouldn’t be left behind. To some, technology changes everything and yet their core role would function perfectly well. Suddenly introduce the tech element and it can all go horribly wrong.

We can take the pressure away from your core business and we will write a course to your own requirements then present it to as many staff as required.

We have some ideas already in place:-

Using the Internet: Browsers; how Addons can help; choosing and using browsers; Searching; advanced searching; collating data; Social Networking; Internet Safety.

Hardware: Using your PC/Tablet/Phone

Software: Proficiency in using Microsoft Office - Word; Access; Excel; Publisher; PowerPoint; Outlook. Other office suites including Open Office; Thunderbird.

Internet Safety: Based on our Business Protector we can make this inclusive to any of the above. Teaching how to use Social media responsibly, be it on behalf of your organisation or Employees using responsibly without ramifications to their employers.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

This package maybe best served within your own organisation provided you have facilities. If not, we can host at a mutually agreeable venue.

This can be a 1 or half day course and minimum numbers will be a requirement.

Certificates and course support package provided!

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