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Practice is the hardest part of learning.

Training is the essence of transformation.

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Kelsall Silver Surfers

Designed to help with Technology & Internet safety, being run as a series of drop-In sessions on the 3rd Thursday of the month (2nd Thurs December)

“Technology is supposed to help not hinder. It should be inclusive and not restrictive, it must be for all, not the few”.

About your Trainer

A former Detective who spent 10 years investigating Serious Fraud & 5 years investigating Hi-Tech Crime, he has also given Internet Safety presentations to Police Officers, Investigators & Students. He is providing these sessions for the benefit of the Community, to increase awareness of online Safety and improve confidence in using tech.

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Technology is very much part of our lives and many people see themselves as ‘in’ or ‘left behind’! Some maybe content with the latter, but there’s no need to run or hide as once you feel that bit of confidence, it’s easy to make tech work for you, rather than you having to work against it!

Whether you are of the ‘Baby Boomers,’ ‘Generation X’ or whatever generation, it doesn’t matter - these sessions are aimed to help. Take a look at our timetable and see what topics are covered.

Sessions will be easy to follow at a pace that suits the room. There will be lots of time for Questions and you can even decide what topics you would like covered at a future session.

If you wish, you can bring your own laptop, Tablet or just use pen & paper, it doesn’t matter! Refreshments will also be available.

You can register your interest below or just call in on the day!

(in the event of being over-subscribed, registered entries will take priority).





21st September 2017

10am - 12noon

Which Device?

What Software?

Laptop, Desktop, Tablet?

Apple Mac, Windows,Linux?

Microsoft or ???

This easy to follow session is designed to guide users through the maze of choosing the best device that will  suit their needs and help decide which software to put on the device, almost all of which can be obtained FREE!


19th October

10am - 12noon

Christmas Shopping

Using the Internet &

Internet Auction sites

Internet Safety is paramount when buying goods or services over the web.

This input will help you to evade those Fraudsters, give you confidence in making Internet purchases, how to research a sellers website and how to report Fraud if you think you have been a victim.

Using Auction sites can be equally as daunting, so this session will also help you look out for likely Fraud sellers and which payment methods to avoid to protect yourself when making online payments


16th November

10am - 12noon

Staying Safe with email

An email address is essential for using the Internet. Whether it’s to register for a new site, to receive documents or just for staying in touch.

Webmail or Mail client? This session will help you decide and help protect you from those nasty phishing scams that have hit so many people over the years!


14th December

10am - 12noon

Skype & other

Internet Video & Chat

Christmas is an important time to keep in touch with family, especially those living far away or if it’s ‘not your turn’ this Christmas.

Most young people will be using a messaging App of some description which will help you keep in touch or even better using programmes such as Skype for video calls!


18th January

10am - 12noon

Social Networking

Keep in touch with family and friends no matter where they are in the world.

Social networking, particularly Facebook has become one of the biggest Internet phenomena of the 21st Century. Yet so much negativity is reported.

Make it safe, make it fun and start to enjoy your online life!


15th February

10am - 12noon

Beef up your Browser

Your Internet Browser is probably one of the most used programmes on your computer. It’s important to use one that suits you and keep it up to date, yet there is so much more we can do to make it more user friendly and safe, so this session is designed to show you how by making some slight changes, you can make it automate certain tasks for you, make surfing easier and even more user friendly!

Use our Contact form below to register your interest.

All Sessions will be held at Kelsall Community Centre in the Committee Room

To register your interest, use the form below - No commitment, no cancellation policies or penalties, or just come along on the day!

Price is only £2.50/session [Pay on the door]

Venue: Kelsall Community Centre, Chester Road, Kelsall, CW6 0SB

(opposite St Philips Parish Church)

In the event of higher numbers than permits for comfort, registered entries will take priority!

For general queries, please use our Contact Us page where you can email, phone or use the web form.

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