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The Internet Evidence Finder II

Module II is an ideal follow up to Module I or if you have already had some training in this area. Time to dig deep and pick up some great techniques for the analysis.

“Anyone tasked with capturing extracts from web pages, social networking or information gathering - needs to do it right!”.

The Internet Evidence Finder II :

Empowering organisations to gather evidence  that is acceptable in a worse case scenario - the criminal courts. Learn how to do it properly and protect yourself from counter accusations.


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You will have ideally completed Module I before coming on this course or demonstrate a competence at correct procedures and rules in respect of evidence gathering.

Module II takes us a step further, a bit deeper. Firstly, we will look into protecting ourselves on the Internet using some practical methods to help us understand the importance of personal protection.

Then we will look at ‘Deep-Web’, what it’s all about and how it may help us - more importantly how to dig deep!

‘Dark Net’ is completely different from Deep-Web and often the two are mistaken as the same. Our introduction to the Dark-Net will help you understand how to navigate this minefield, protect you in the process and gather any material you may find yourselves having to.

We also allow a slot for advancing any element of finding evidence on the Internet that you wish us to cover or from Module 1.

Finally, we take a closer look at how to analyse our material and using some great tools that help us keep track of our information so we are able to reproduce it in an easy on the eye format.

Module II is designed to advance your evidence gathering techniques, learn some new tools and make you more aware of the bigger picture. Completion of this course will make you more than competent as an Internet Evidence Finder.

Interested in going even deeper? Take a look over Module III - Ghosting the Internet.

This package usually given at a venue of our choice, but can be given in-house or your preferred venue if it aides minimising costs to your organisation. We have a set criteria, so contact us to discuss your needs.

This is a 1 day course, which can last from 7 - 9 hours, which is your choice!

Certificates and course materials provided for keeps!

Minimum numbers required.

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