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Digital Crime Scene II


For those who may have to get their hands dirty, so to speak. If you need or are likely to get involved with a Digital Crime Scene, then you need to know how!

“From bullying to Threats or Fraud, the first rule of Evidence Collection - Preserve the scene. On a Computer! How?”.

Digital Crime Scene II - 1st Responders:

Previously given to Trainee Detectives to enhance their knowledge of crime scene awareness. If your in IT, Security or HR this course is a must have - let’s get it right 1st time!


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The Digital Forensic Investigator is unlikely to be first on the scene, so it helps if you have someone designated who knows what they need to do. Once completed, the first responder will be able to put their training into practice and do all the things required. Get it right at the outset and it’ll be right for the end game!

As with all evidence gathering, the sooner the ‘crime’ scene is preserved, the better the evidence will be.

Your First Responder[s] will be equipped just as those Police Officers and Detectives are that arrive at the scene of a serious crime. Although unlikely to be a life harm scenario, the preservation of digital evidence should be taken seriously, even if the matter doesn’t end up in the Criminal Courts. Be at the level of ‘worst case scenario’, and all will be well.

What aims to be a thoroughly informative and unique training package, this is aimed to make your nominated member[s] of staff equipped to handle exhibits and understand the importance of continuity of the evidence trail. They will also learn about the type of work the Digital Detective does and what is possible in terms of gathering evidence from all types of Digital storage Media. This in turn will make them a good point of reference when advice is suddenly sought!

We can suggest what roles from your organisation may be best suited for this input. We also suggest the amount of nominations reflect the size of your organisation.

This package usually given at a venue of our choice, but can be provided in-house for you, providing you meet our criteria

Designed for those likely to become involved at the outset. Done in less than 4 hours aimed to have minimum impact on your core business.

Minimum numbers required.

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