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The Business Protector

Enjoy your Internet & Social networking responsibly.

Minimise risk to yourself & your employer.

“Who would have thought the virtual world was a ‘dangerous’ place? Protect your business name, protect your staff from the preying Vultures”.

Business Protector:

Previously given to Police Officers working in both Covert & Overt environments. Now available to employees from all walks of life, offering good advice, best practice and adherence to your company or organisations policy.


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Why will helping employees protect themselves on the Internet assist my organisation?

Staff welfare would be a good enough reason, but think a bit deeper about it. If someone feels a grievance against your Organisation/Company or product, airing their private views in the public domain can be costly. However, what if it gets personal? Seeking out employees connected to a certain brand can be quite easy, even just a verbal attack in the virtual world can be more harmful than real world abuse!

Even Police officers have become victims of such attacks with digitally ‘manufactured’ and manipulated photographs and a torrent of abuse causing disruption to personal and family life, which in turn has had ramifications to the employer through staff sickness and bad publicity.

Here we not only advise how to ‘lock-down’ your Social networking, but re-enforce the importance of keeping to company Policy and protecting the good name of your business, organisation or product. Yes, even staff can be critical, which can be worse than a customers negative feedback.

This awareness presentation is designed to be short, swift and to the point, minimising staff time, maximum impact and maximising cover to most if not all relevant employees.

This package is best given at your business venue. Ideally provided for upwards of 10 staff and to minimise disruption a rolling programme could be provided in a half or full day.

Ask about our rolling discount offers to maximise staff numbers at minimal disruption.

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