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Practice is the hardest part of learning.

Training is the essence of transformation.

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Our Principal Trainer has significant experience investigating Commercial & Banking Fraud, Organised Crime Groups, Computer Forensics & Open Source investigations. He has a good knowledge of Law in respect of Fraud, Theft, Computer Crimes, Surveillance and relevant legislation around Investigative Procedures and Practices. After retiring from the Police Service, he established his own Computer Forensics business and has assisted business in the detection of Fraud and internal disciplinarily matters.

Our featured courses are designed to take that high standard of Police experience and training and share it with both Private & Public sector organisations, empowering them to protect their own interests, create or enhance their investigations base and collectively designed to cover all requirements.

Starting with our ‘Investigator Training’ course, ideal for those in any organisation who suddenly find themselves charged with conducting an internal investigation. Where do I begin? What is evidence? Where will this end up? At an early stage it maybe a desire to deal with a matter internally, but any counter-action could end up in the judicial processes. Get it right from the outset.

Our Internet Safety Course has been created to assist your organisation with its management of company policy for Internet and social media use. Case studies show that even the most innocent of actions can lead to a major distraction from your core business.

Digital Crime Scene awareness presentation designed to inform senior management of the possibilities and potential liabilities surrounding Digital Evidence gathering. Our DCS hands on training ideal for those tasked with the collection and preservation of digital media that may contain evidence of wrong-doing within your organisation or targeted structure.

We then move on to our Internet Evidence Finder modules, designed to kick start or enhance the skills of those who are, or maybe tasked with recovering web based information that has even the slightest potential to be adduced in evidence. Otherwise as research into current/potential employees, suspected copyright infringement, unauthorised sales of your product or even espionage. Our 3 modules are designed to target those who need one, two or all three levels of training, depending on your organisational requirements. In most cases, module 1 will suffice as a general requirement. Either way, they will equip investigators with the tools and knowledge to go out into the digital world for the first time or ideal as part of a Continuing Professional Development or even if you are seeking potential employment in an investigative environment.

Finally, we have even built in a fail-safe course designed to assist those valued members of staff who may not feel so confident dealing with the latest technology and/or the Internet. Better to help them along, have them adapt to and enhance their current skills and status within your organisation rather than lose someone who has value in their core role.

All our packages can be tailored to your individual company requirements. Whilst our chosen venues are recommended, we are more than happy to provide our courses within your own or preferred environment to allow minimum disruption to your staff. Contact us to discuss your requirement, we will always be flexible, when needs must.

Learn the way the Police do it!

More than just Training...

Our courses are designed to share a dearth of knowledge that has been gleaned during well established roles within a major UK Police Force with significant experience in Fraud & e-Crime Investigations.