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The Internet Evidence Finder I

Module I offers basic evidence gathering techniques, but something new for everyone here and most important of course, to ensure your evidence gathering is lawful.

“Anyone tasked with capturing extracts from web pages, social networking or information gathering - needs to do it right!”.

The Internet Evidence Finder I :

Empowering organisations to gather evidence  that is acceptable in a worse case scenario - the criminal courts. Learn how to do it properly and protect yourself from counter accusations.


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Anyone working in any capacity of an Investigator role will know the importance of gathering evidence in real world. Just as important is the correct methods in gathering of evidence from the virtual world. Think long term, think what could trip you up - procedures most of the time!

So let us start at the beginning. Forget everything you think you know about gathering evidence on the open Internet. This will teach more than print screen, clip and paste!

We will share our vast knowledge of the law and the rules that can catch you out in your evidence gathering techniques. Cases are more often than not discharged due to flaws in the evidence gathering protocols. If you know where the boundaries exist, you can learn how to guard against such eventuality and help secure a conviction or whatever the short/medium term objective of your organisation will be. To that end, the legality of our actions is covered in this course.

We will also reveal our favourite tools out of the box to help you work more efficiently.

Whether it is analysing emails, Twitter feeds, Facebook postings, Fraudulent activity, digital photography or gathering information about websites, we will cover it all - and more - in a single day!

Ideal for Investigators, researchers analysts or even if your primary role is none of these and you occasionally collate material from the Internet.

This will be enough to set you on your way into the big wide [digital] world of Evidence gathering.

For an even deeper insight into this field of work, have a look at our Internet Evidence Finder II here.

This package usually given at a venue of our choice, but can be given in-house or your preferred venue if it aides minimising costs to your organisation. We have a set criteria, so contact us to discuss your needs.

This is a 1 day course, which can last from 7 - 9 hours, which is your choice!

Certificates and course materials provided for keeps!

Minimum numbers required.

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