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Practice is the hardest part of learning.

Training is the essence of transformation.

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Investigators Foundation

Conduct investigations professionally and with integrity.

Minimise risk to yourself & your organisation or employer.

“Ask questions and record the answers, probe for detail, present all the facts and provide a fair and concise summary, but stick to the facts - even if you don’t agree with them”.  

Investigators Foundation:

This course is presented by a former Detective with over 30 years experience investigating Crimes at all levels including Street Crimes, to Serious Fraud, Surveillance and High Tech Crimes. Designed to layout the basic principles of investigation work at any level.


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Anyone charged with an investigation, at any level, needs a degree of training. Whether its an internal minor matter through to something more serious that could bring your organisation into disrepute through bad publicity or a simple failure to have adopted best practice.

This course is designed to protect your organisation - and those charged with conducting an investigation, who may find themselves falling foul of the rules, especially if a matter should, inadvertently or otherwise, end up being scrutinised by a court or tribunal.

Many areas are covered including planning, ‘crime’ scene, case management including structured briefings/debriefings and dealing with victims and witnesses. Whilst Statement taking can be a highly specialised skill area, we get the basics covered to send you on your way to taking professional statements from people and how to handle exhibits. The paperwork can be tedious so we share best practice on file preparation, writing a resumé and note taking. The ability to remain impartial is crucial [even though you maybe perceived to be on a ‘side’] and dealing with 3rd parties such as lawyers, Police, tribunals and the Courts is essential - you just never know where an investigation could end up so plan for the extreme and and anything less will be more than acceptable.

Whilst a predominantly low-tech course, a high tech element is introduced and we discuss some areas of technology that will prove helpful, especially when team work is required.

We can tailor this course to your organisational requirements and whilst the 1 day course provides for an excellent Foundation, we suggest the following ‘Bolt-Ons’  each being half or one day courses, may be of further use.

By way of professional Development we also recommend Module 1 of our Internet Evidence Finder Course. Obtaining evidence from the Internet, particularly Social networking is becoming an every day occurrence for Investigators. Our IEF course ensures you will do it correctly.

This package is usually given at a venue of our choosing, but can be provided at or near to your business venue.

Ideally provided for upwards of 6 staff a 1 day course, but can be flexible depending on your requirements.

Our standard discount for 10 places applies.

Have a look at our ‘Bolt-Ons’ to this Course to enhance the training provided in this Investigator Foundation Course.

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