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Digital Crime Scene I


Designed for Senior Management to have an awareness of obligations and potential so they can allocate resources according to a particular course of action.

“From bullying to Threats or Fraud, the first rule of Evidence Collection - Preserve the scene. On a Computer! How?”.

Digital Crime Scene I - Awareness:

A small but informative slice of information part of which was previously given to Trainee Detectives to enhance their knowledge of crime scene awareness. A quick-hit for those who need to know!


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This short presentation given free of charge is designed to share our knowledge of the Digital Investigations world. Not too heavy, ideal for a quick hit talk to your organisation or group.

We make this informative, yet easy to follow. Our aim here is to let Senior Management become aware of their organisations obligations when a Computer ‘Crime’ is committed within their boundaries.

Most organisations are able to deal with real world situations, be it a minor infringement of Company policy, harassment or Theft & Fraud, but if a computer has been used, then it’s time to use resources who may not usually be acquainted in dealing with such matters. We can train up first responders with a more involved short course as detailed here.

For now, you may just need to know what needs to be done and what is possible when the Digital Detective is let loose on a machine and how situations can be resolved.

This promises to be a good addition to any meeting, be it a Business Breakfast, lunch or evening gathering. Contact us for further information.

*Please note for ‘out of area’ the host will incur charges at cost. Call for more info.

This package is best given at your business venue, Network Meeting, Club, Breakfast/Lunch or Board meetings. Our Half to one hour presentation gives food for thought.

Designed to offer a light and easy to follow, yet interesting presentation.

If you want a presentation much longer & with more detail look at Digital Crime Scene III here

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