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Digital Crime Scene III

Guest Speaker

Fancy a speaker offering something new and different? Ideal for your Club, Seminar, Educational or Networking meeting.

“A presentation that will open your mind into 21st Century Investigative Techniques! - Thoroughly informative”.

Digital Crime Scene III - Guest Speaker

An informative presentation ideal to fill a gap at those Networking presentations or meetings. Learn about the work of a Computer Forensics Investigator.


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Your guest speaker has over 30 years experience in a Northern UK big City Police Force, latterly investigating Company Fraud, Banking  & Plastic Card Fraud, Organised Crime, Surveillance and Digital Forensic Investigations. This dearth of experience oozes out to your audience with some interesting tales from the Darker side of life!

The Fraud and Covert investigation techniques are supplementary to the 21st Century Investigations that became crucial to support ‘traditional’ crimes as well as ‘Digital world’ crimes per se! The presentation is focused on modern investigation techniques into Fraud and some of the more darker side of Internet and Computer Forensic Investigation work.

Having worked in both Police and Private Investigations, you are assured a most interesting talk.

This presentation has been used at all levels, including Cyber Security & IT professionals, but can be equally informative for ‘non IT’ general meetings and Networking events.

We can tailor the presentation to your organisations needs and will provide a précis of our subject matter just to make sure you’re ok with it. We will always discuss the presentation for what is appropriate for your organisation and happy to crop and change.

Pre requisites are just to have an interest in technology and a desire to see how Digital Forensics have enhanced Criminal Investigations.

This package usually given at a venue of your choice or just your regular meeting point. All we ask is that we have access to power !

Numbers are not so relevant for this presentation, which can last from 45 mins to 1hr plus.

If you want something much shorter, take a look at Digital Crime Scene I here.

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